Cuba/ Palestine. Globalization and how it encourages youth to brake with the status quo?

Cuba/ Palestine.

 Globalization and how it encourages youth to brake with the status quo?

Cuba and Palestine have been global focal point for controversy and casualties. Cuba became independent in 1901 following the Spanish-American war. The island remained under the United Stated zone of influence for the next 6 decades, during this period the island was occupied in 1906-1909 and constantly intervene in its internal affair. But with the victory of the Cuba rebels in 1959 led by Fidel Castro, Cuba drifted from the United States zone of influence into the Soviet Union zone. It became chess piece in the board of the Cold War, reaching its climax in the Cuban missile crisis of 1961, that almost led to nuclear war between the United Stated and the Soviet Union. Following the severance of USA and Cuba relations, the United States saw to isolate Cuba through its global influence, the famous blockade. This isolation has cost Cuba much and its government policies.

Went people think of the Middle East, they most likely think of conflict, the focal point of the conflict is the Arab Israeli wars, and especially Israeli Palestine territorial conflicts. Since the founding of Israel in 1948, this region has been plagued with conflict between this to groups.  In the process many having displace. And Israel has settled in vast areas were the Palestinian live, the has cause for anger between both groups. Like Cuba this conflict was in the context of bigger geopolitical aspect like the Cold War and other, that add fuel to the inferno.

Since the end of the Cold War, the world has followed the policy of globalization. Globalization: the act or process of globalizing: the state of being globalized; especially the development of an increasingly integrated global economy marked especially by free trade, free flow of capital, and the tapping of cheaper foreign labor markets. But globalization involves more than just the economical aspect, it so connects cultures, people. The different part of the world the see any part of the world and communicate with other people. This process also helps to move the most oppress and lest develop to move forward.  By allowing people to see other places and culture, the people in these countries are encouraging to tries to better their countries. This is the case of Palestine and Cuba. Both of this nation having isolate and their peoples suffer greatly. In Palestine the youth are suffering from a lack of opportunities, in the economic and social aspect. They see how the way the world is changing, and they feel that there been let behind They feel that their politicians have fail then. And are taking matter into their hand, protesting, protest that are usually violently suppress.  But are making their presents felt.

In Cuba the people feel the same way. They have been isolated for more than 60 year, and their government limited their freedom. It was only in 2016 when the United Stated began a reproaching under the Obama administration. Registration in travel and trade where ease and Embassy was planned. Dispute that the current administration under Trump has backup on this reproaching there still positive sings.  But in Cuba globalization as penetrated through music. American music like hip hop has been present in Cuba by underground network. But started been sneaking popular music has become more. Through the underground network new and many other things are broad to Cuba. Its youth Cubans appetite for outside culture and thing the is driving this silent revolution. It may see not much but in Cuban this is an act of defiance.

In both countries’ youth are trying to change their future, create for opportunities and open their countries to the world. They see there missing the age of globalization and is the fault of their government, but we must also remember the other fact that are involved like geopolitics. To create better lives for the Palestinians and Cubans, a lasting peace must be achieved in the Middle East so both Israel and Palestine can prosper together and enjoy better lives. Also, Cuba and the   United Stated can benefit from growing economic ties, specially Cuba. And may through reproaching democracy can arrive to Cuba. But Youth should and must not wait for the changed to arrive from the outside. They must continue their fight to better their lives. Only their can achieve lasting changed.


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Amo la historia, en especial historia de Europa, Estado Unidos y Latino America, pero no limitado a estás áreas. Bachillerato en Historia de Europa, UPRRP. #23


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